COMMANDED BY:  Commander F. L. Barrows USN




Commencing 1 February,1955 at Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia

Tuesday February 1, 1955

Moored port side to USS CAMBRIA (APA-36). Pier 2, berth 26,, Norfolk Navel Base, Norfolk, Virginia with 4 manila and 2 wire lines. Boiler #1 in use for auxiliary purposes. Receiving fresh water from pier. Ships present are various units of the US Atlantic Fleet. SOPA is ComBatDiv 2 in USS WISCONSIN (BB64)
08 -24
As before

February 2, 1955

1310 Commenced taking on fuel.
1600 Secured from taking on fuel having received 50,000 gallons

February 3, 1955

0910 Commenced fueling.
0915 All hands at quarters in the well deck for change of command ceremony. 0930 RADM H.P. SMITH, TransRonTwo, came aboard, broke his flag and hauled down the commission pennant. 0935 CDR F.O. BRYCE USN read his orders and relieved CDR. F.L. BARROWS, USN Commanding officer of this vessel. 0935 RADM SMITH left the ship, hauled down his flag and broke the commission pennant. 1035 Pursuant to BuPers orders of 23, November 1954, CDR F.L. BARROWS USN was detached and ordered to proceed and report to Commander, Mare Island Shipyards for duty.
1600 Completed fueling having received 198,000 Gallons

February 4, 1955

0910 Commenced taking on fuel.
1230 Ceased taking on fuel having recieved 56,000 gallons.
1240 Set special sea detail. 1300 Pilot E.T.SEXTON came aboard. YTB-356 secured to starboard bow. 1305 Underway and maneuvering on various course and speed to shift berth from port side to USS CAMBRIA (APA-36), pier 2, berth 26 to port side to, USS LATIMER (APA-152), pier 3, berth 32. 1345 Secured special sea detail.

February 5 to February 8

Moored as before.

February 9, 1955

0715 Set special sea detail. 0800 Mustered crew. Absentees: Feigles, L.D. QM3. 0842 Underway shifting to berth 34, pier 3.

February 10 to 13

Moored as before.

February 14

1422 USS OLMSTEAD (APA-188) moored alongside to starboard.

February 15 to 16

Moored as before.

February 14 1955

1355 Underway to shift berth to go alongside USS AMPHION (AR-13) pier 5 berth 51

February 14 to 27

Moored as before

February 28

0730 Mustered crew at quarters. Absentees: Buono JL SN and Noyes DJ SA AOL since 0730 this date.
1235 Noyes DJ SA returned on board, having been AOL since 0730, this date.
1625 Buono JL SN returned on board, having been AOL since 0730, this date.