Jan. 1 - 5 Moored pier #5, Norfolk Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, Berkley, Virginia
Jan. 6 Anchored in berth LA-18 Lynnhaven Roads, Virginia.
Jan. 7-8 Anchored in South How Anchorage, Hampton Roads, Virginia.
Jan. 9 Moored port side to berth 46, pier 4, Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia.
Jan. 10 Steaming independently eroute from Norfolk, Virginia to Moorhead City, N.C.
Jan. 11 Anchored in Beaufort Inlet, Moorhead City, N.C.
Jan. 12 -15 Steaming in company with TU 42.90.0 enroute from Morehead City, North Carolina to Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.
Jan. 16 Anchored at Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.
Jan. 17 Anchored in Ensenda Honda Harbor, Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. 1732 anchored in Charlotte Amalie Harbor, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.
Jan. 18-20 Anchored in anchorage #7, Vieques Island, Puerto Rico,
Jan. 21 - 24 Steaming enroute from Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, to Norfolk, Virginia.
Jan. 25 Anchored in South How anchorage, Hampton Roads, Virginia.
Jan. 26 - 29 Moored starboard side to berth 45, pier 4, Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia.
Jan. 30 - 31 Moored port side to USS TACONIC (AGC-17), berth 52, pier 5, Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia