COMMANDED BY: W. L. Phaler, Commander, U. S. N.

ATTACHED TO: Twenty-First LSD Division,

Second LSD Squadron,

Amphibious Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet,

Commencing: April 1, 1953, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
and ending: April 30, 1953, U.S. Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia

Thursday, April 1, 1953

Moored port side to pier #5, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Friday, April 2, 1953

1559 Underway from Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, proceeding down Delaware River for river run trials. 1806 Left 20 $deg; rudder, a/e stop while manuevering to avoil collision with dredge, ship forced to strik a glancing blow to Cherry Island bell buoy Coast Guard Light list #1575 and put out light of buoy. No damage to ship. Damaged buoy was reported to Commandant, Coast Guard District, Philadelphia. 2027 Anchored in Bombay Hook Point Shoal Anchorage, Delaware Bay in six fathoms of water. SOPA is Commanding Officer this vessel.

Saturday April 3, 1963

0634 Underway from Bombay Hook Point Shoal Anchorage. 0645 Entered Delaware Bay Channel. 1025 Class C fire, frame 72, called crew to fire quarters. 1037 Secured from fire quarters. 1313 While #1 main engine was stopped a check on main and connecting rod bearings disclosed #1 and #3 main bearings to be overheated. 1323 While #2 main engine was stopped a check on main and connecting rod bearings disclosed #3 and #5 connecting rod bearings were overheated. These discrepanceys were reported to the Leading Machanist of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. 1349 Moored port side to pier #5, Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Thursday April 16, 1953 1324 O'KEEFE, W. D., SA, fell from stage to well deck while painting the superdeck. Injured man was administered first aid. 1328 Naval ambulance arrived to transport injured to U. S. Naval Hospital, Philadelphia for observation and treatment.

Monday April 27, 1953

0903 Underway from pier #5, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, proceeding down Delaware River for River Run Trials. 1100 Mr. F. Eykman, an employee of the Davie Filter Company on board for River Run Trials lost the distal tip of left index finger while adjusting bolt on #3 Sherry pump in the starboard filter room.

1208 A check of main and connecting rod bearings revealed bearing to be hot. Lube oil temperature becoming hot. 1242 A knock was reported in port engine. 1820 Received dispatch from ComPhibLant, Norfolk, directing USS Ashland (LSD-1) to disregard River Run Trials and proceed to Norfolk, Virginia, at earliest possible time, where repairs to main engines would be effected locally.

Tuesday 28 April, 1953

0842 Moored port side to eastside pier C, Fuel Supply Depoy, Crany Island Fuel Branch, Naval Supply Center, Hampton Roads, Virginia. 1025 Commenced taking on gasoline, diesel oil and fog oil.

1320 Jarvis, A. H., SN, USN, was injured while coming up through the sail locker hatch. The hatch cover fell and pinned him to the hatch coaming. Subject man reported to sick bay and was transferred by stretcher and ambulaance to U.S. Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, Virginia. Diagnosis: undetermined possibly fracture of ribs. 1330 Ceased taking on gasoline and diesel oil having received 5,763 gallons of gasoline and 6600 gallons of diesel oil. 1750 Ceased taking on fuel oil, having received 268,464 gallons of Navy Special Fuel Oil.

Wednesday 29 April, 1953

0853 Underway from Fuel Supply Branch, Craney Island, Hampton Roads. 0942 Moored starboard side to USS Fremont (APA-44), Pier 3, Berth 33, U.S. Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia.

1 April 1953
SCHNEIDER, J. D., BM1, transferred to USS FURSE (DDR-882) for duty
PARRISH, R. E., SN, transferred TAD Great Lakes, ILL.
2 April 1952
MARTI, E., ENFN, reported aboard for duty.
4 April 1953
Harrison, E. N., RMSN, reported aboard for resumption of duty.
Hughes, L. H., DKSN, transfered to Philadelphia Naval Hospital for treatment.
7 April 1953
COON, G. E., RMSN, reported aboard for resumption of duty.
CORPUS, M. A., SD3, reported aboard for duty.
8 April 1953
HAMILTON, G. A., BMSN, reported aboard for duty.
BRAITTE, L. J., SA, reported aboard for duty.
9 April 1953
WILSHIRE, B. R., FN, reported board for resumption of duty from TAD undergoing treatment.
10 April 1953
BODEN, V. W., FP3, reported aboard for duty.
FREEDMAN, H., SOSA, transferred to USS BASSETT (APD-73) for duty.
HALE, D. A., SN, transferred to Amphibious Training Unit, Little Creek, for TAD.
11 April 1953
JAMES, O. B., RD3, reported on board having completed TAD, Resognition Instructor School.
15 April 1953
BARRETT, O. L., FP3, transferred to U.S. Naval Station, Long Beach, California for duty.
COOPER, H. W., BM3 reported aboard for duty.
16 April 1953
ALBERTELLI, J. E., DK3, transferred TAD to Air Defense Training Center, Dam Neck, Virginia.
17 April 1953
HUMMEL, P. L. FN, transferred TAD to Fleet Air Defense Training Center, Dam Neck, Virginia.
18 April 1953
The following men were transferred TAD to Fleet Air Defense Traing Center, Dam Neck, Virginia.
VAIL, J. N., EN3