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The USS Ashland LSD Association was formed in 1988 during a meeting of Ashland's crew at Indianapolis, Indiana, to hold reunions, promote the fraternal, civic, patriotic and historical memories of those who served aboard USS ASHLAND (LSD-1).   USS Ashland (LSD-48) was commissioned in May, 1992.   The Association includes the crew from both ships and their spouses.  Over 800 shipmates have been located and are members. The USS Ashland LSD Association, Inc. is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and recognized as a non-profit organization by the IRS.



Davie Chapman, Brownsburg, IN

Honorary President

CDR Douglas A. Patterson, CO USS Ashland (LSD-48)

First Vice-President

Robert E. Parrish, Lincoln, IL

Second Vice-President

Harlan J. Engel, Hartley, IA

Recording Secretary

DonNita Schorr, Sparta, IL


Gene J. Milller, Lombard, IL

Newsletter Editor

Gene Miller,


Jimmie Barnes, Homosassa, FL


Jimmie Barnes, Homosassa, FL

Ships Store

Robert Parrish

Master at Arms

Harold S. Lee, Decorah, IA


Ronald C. Thompson, Ashland, KY

Ways & Means

Diana Carson, Lilburn, GA

Lora Dewhurst, Columbus, OH

Jeannine Miller, Lombard, IL

Eleanor Nichols, Louisville, KY

Kathy Price, Lebanon, TN

Norma Webb,Cox's Creek, KY

2012 Reunion Host 2015

Robert Parrish and Davie Chapman

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Any Navy, Army. Marine or, anyone else who served aboard USS ASHLAND (LSD-1) or USS ASHALND (LSD-48), wartime or peace, in ship's company, in transit or training,is eligible for membership.

Membership is simple: Send your name, address, and when you served on the USS ASHLAND (LSD-1) or (LSD-48).  Members receive the quarterly newsletter, "The ASHLANDER".  Membership includes the spouse of the Ashland veteran.

The USS Ashland LSD Association is searching for men who served aboard the (LSD-1) or (LSD-48).  Check our roster, your lost buddies or a shipmate you knew well, may be a member and waiting to hear from you.

For membership or information about USS ASHLAND (LSD-1) or USS ASHLAND (LSD-48) contact George Vaughn Jr.,gmvjr2007@yahoo.com

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